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Before we prepare your income tax return, please review our client engagement letter and complete a client questionaire.  If you are a new client, please also complete the new client information sheet.  Lastly, review the "What do I need to bring?" document to ensure that you have all of your important tax documents ready.

 Client Questionnaire   (pdf)   (fillable)

Client Engagement Letter

What do I need to bring?

Other forms to help you organize your  business, farm or rental property income taxes.

Schedule C Business Worksheet  (pdf)    (fillable)

Rental Worksheet       (pdf)   (fillable)

Farm Worksheet         (pdf)   (fillable)

Miscellaneous forms:

Form 1095A - Blank

Wisconsin Renter's Certficate

Check the status of your federal or Wisconsin refund at:

Where's My Federal Refund?

Where's My WI State Refund?

Pay your tax bill at:



Links to the IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue:

Internal Revenue Service

Wisconsin Department of Revenue