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Before we prepare your income tax return, please review our client engagement letter and complete a client questionaire.  If you are a new client, please also complete the new client information sheet.  Lastly, review the "What do I need to bring?" document to ensure that you have all of your important tax documents ready.

Client Questionnaire   (pdf)   (fillable)

Client Engagement Letter

New Client Information Sheet

What do I need to bring?

Other forms to help you organize your  business, farm or rental property income taxes.

 Business Worksheet   (pdf)   (fillable)

Rental Worksheet       (pdf)   (fillable)

Farm Worksheet         (pdf)   (fillable)

Miscellaneous forms:

Form 1095A - Blank

Wisconsin Renter's Certficate

Check the status of your federal or Wisconsin refund at:

Where's My Federal Refund?

Where's My WI State Refund?

Links to the IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue:

Internal Revenue Service

Wisconsin Department of Revenue